Bharat Scout & Guide

Cooking without fire competition: 

The students of Bharat Scout & Guide started the test for cooking without fire with enthusiasm and creativity. They had to prepare a nutritious and delicious dishes using only raw ingredients and minimal equipment. They used fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cheese, yogurt, bread, crackers, and various sauces and spices to create their recipes. Some of the dishes they made were salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, dips, and desserts. The test was designed to assess their knowledge of food safety, hygiene, nutrition, and presentation skills. The students enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot from the experience.

It was held on 13th January, 2023 in Church School Beldih, school campus. There were 6 groups of Scouts & Guides who took part in this competition.

  •  J. Vanita (Guide Captain, L.O.C)
  • Sourab Sahu (Troop Leader)
  • Alex D. Rozario (Assistant Troop Leader)
  • Ridhima Bisoi (Company Leader)
  • Volunteers:

Chayank Gope

Shubham Nayak

Ipshika Sengupta


      Main Guest:

Mrs. Esther Mohanty (Vice Principal)

      Other Guests:

  • Mrs. Pramila Joshua (High School Coordinator)
  •  Mrs. Preety Lucas (Senior Coordinator)
  • Mrs. Elina Ghosh (Junior Coordinator)
  • Mr. Ashfaq Ahamad (Sports Incharge)
  • Mr. Robert Alexander (Music Teacher)
  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar Das (Accountant)