Educational Objectives

Church School is a Christian School established and administered by the Church School Management which is under the Beldih Baptist Church. As a Christian School. Church School has for its inspiration and guidance, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Committed to the principle that truth is revealed by God through Christ "in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:3) Church School will seek to relate its instruction to the needs of contemporary society. The school will consciously seek to place all of its activity within the framework of the Biblical perspective on such critical Issues as the nature of the God, man, nature and the world, The main aim of our educational effort is to prepare citizens for others. Our motto is "Duty First Self Last". In order to transform India into a socially just society, the student must learn to do their duty first and to be concerned about others - especially those weak underprivileged, marginalized, voiceless.

With the passage of time the school building has been expanded to accommodate 3000 students. The school building is built in an area of 3.61 acre of land . The school boasts of facilities like a well endowed library, laboratories , computer lab etc. All work and no play , makes jack a dull boy, keeping this in mind , the school has provided sufficient play grounds for the students. Under the literacy scheme a Hindi Coaching centre is also run in the premises for the benefit of children coming from lower income group.