Physics Lab

Well-lighted and spacious, the physics laboratory is equipped with the best and high quality equipment. All the instruments are accurate and are checked from time to time for any errors. Students acquire the practical skill that is essential for a conceptual development of Physics.


Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is spacious, airy and well equipped with the latest apparatus to satisfy the inquisitive minds as they perform myriads of experiments. Safety precautions are taken by the chemistry faculty which is always available to students needing any help.


Biology Lab

The biology laboratory is well-equipped with microscopes, including the latest compound microscopes and various chemicals to enable the students to carry out experiments. There are several preserved specimens and models of animals and plants to impart knowledge to students about biodiversity. The human skeleton encased right in front of the entrance is startling at first but provides ample knowledge of human anatomy to students.


Computer Lab

Church school, Beldih boasts of a spacious and well-equipped computer lab supported by IBM machines. It has a capacity for 45 no of computers. Computer teaching began in the year 1994. Students from Std V onwards can avail the computer lab facility. The IBM machines are powered with Pentium 4. Regular check ups are done. To ensure that all the machines are in perfect working conditions.