Course Of Studies

The school prepares the students for I.C.S.E. & I.S.C. Examinations. The Curriculum includes English, Hindi (Lit./Lang.) Math, Science, History, Civics & Geography. In Std, IX & X additional subjects are offered i.e. Economics, Computer Science, Accounts. Environmental studies is a must and forms and important part of the curriculum, Moral instruction, is imparted for behaviour and character formation. The medium of instruction is English, but the national Language Hindi & Classical Language Sanskrit also play vital role.

The school has provided the students with a well equipped library. Students are encouraged to develop the habit of reading and the open access system gives them the freedom to read book of their choice. The latest periodicals and magazines are made available to the junior and senior students, story books and reference books are issued regularly to the students.

Subjects offered:

* GROUP (subjects offered) for IX, and X with effect from 2022-2023. ( 3+2+1)

  • Group - I subjects ( Compulsory)
    • English
    • Hindi ( 2nd language)
    • History, Civics and Geography

  • Group- II subjects offered: ( any one group)
    • Math, Science, Environmental Science
    • Commercial studies, Economics and Environmental studies ( 2nd language)

  • Group- III subjects offered: ( any one)
    • Computer application
    • Economics applications
    • Commercial applications

ISC Subjects:

* GROUP ( subjects offered) for XI, and XII with effect from 2022-2023,(1+4+1)

  • GROUP- I ( compulsory)
    • English

  • Group -II
    • Accounts, Commerce, , Economics, Hindi ,
    • Physics, Chemistry, math, Hindi,
    • Physics, chemistry, Biology, Hindi,
    • History, Sociology, Political Science,

  • Group-III
    • ( Math/business studies/ Computer Science)
    • (Computer Science/ECO.)
    • (Math/EVS/ ECO.)
    • (Sociology /EVS/ECO/Geography)

NOTE: School reserve the right to start the courses of studies, provided the minimum numbers of applicants are admitted.