Exam and Promotion

There will be three weekly tests of 20 marks and three unit tests of 80 marks every year for LKG to Std -Vlll.

There will be three project works/weekly tests of 20 marks and three terminal exams of 80 marks every year for Std. IX and X. It is 'compulsory for students to appear and pass in - all the tests. All test papers should be signed by the parents.

There will be no re-test or re-examination if a student is absent for any reason.

For promotion a student has to show sincerity and, hard work through put the session. Promotion will be granted on the average of all the marks obtained in the three terminal exams, Passing, marks for all subjects is 40%.

A student who has repeated a class for one year will not be allowed to repeat for a second year in the same class. In such cases the student has to discontinue studies in this school.

TC. will be issued to the students who do not show any improvement in their studies throughout the year and also to the students whose discipline and behavioral record is, not found satisfactory,

Students who miss tests in a term or any examination during the academic session will not be considered for a rank in the class or for the subject awards,

Students of Std. IX are granted promotion only if they have a clear pass in alI subjects. Their selection to !CSE also depends on their sincerity and regularity of work throughout the academic session, attendance and discipline. Students who are found lacking in these will not be selected for I.C.S.E.

The Principal's decision regarding promotion is final. Parents must not contact the Principal, Vice-Principal, Teachers or Management members with requests for change.