Annual Sports Day 2022

The Annual Sports Day of Church School, Beldih was celebrated in Sumant Moolgaonkar Stadium on

29 November, 2022 amidst great mirth, verve and camaraderie. Rev. Manoj Charan did the opening prayer

The Vice Principal Mrs. Promila Joshua welcomed the chief guest Mr. Ashish Kumar, Head Sports Tata

steel with bouquet. Next the school secretary Mr. S.C.Das welcomed all and gave a brief report of the

School's Sports activities and the student outstanding sports achievement of the session 2021-2022

This was entailed by the unfurling of the school flag and the declaration of the meet open by the chief

guest, making the commencement of the ceremony followed by releasing of balloons, to mark the

expression of joy and rejoicement.

The chief guest and special guest of honor were thereafter escorted by the vice Principal, tor the

inspection of the school appointments and the four houses' contingents. Next a spectacular, impressive

and well synchronized march past by the four houses contingents of the senior and junior. Thereafter, the

chief guest administered the oath to the school appointments Sufiyan Khan, Jasmin Mundu, Durgesh

Prasad and Shruti Purty

The chief guest Mr. Ashish Kumar, Head Sports, Tata steel gave a speech and declared the meet open

He lauded the energy, zest and vitality of students presenting the field display. He opined that sports is a

very important part of education, because it makes students disciplined. He urged students to participate

in sports with sincerity.

Next, there was a drill presentation by the primary section (STD I-III+IV-VI), which was followed by field

and track events for all. This entailed the prize distribution ceremony where the chief guest gave away

medals and trophies to the sports event winners

The zealous parents gathered in large numbers constantly applauded the participants of field and track

displays Mr. Prabhat Kumar, (I.P.S) (S.S.P, Jamshedpur) was welcomed by Mr. S.C.Das School

Secretary with bouquet. Thereafter the chief guest of the closing ceremony Mr. Prabhat Kumar. (I.P.S)

(S.S.P, Jamshedpur) gave away the prizes to the secondary section (STD V- XII). Next, the meet was

declared closed by the chief guest and the school flag was handed over to the Vice Principal after a slow march, by the school appointments. The lit flame was put off with a beating of the Retreat