Class CODE for Nursery, L.KG & U.KG (21/03/2022)

Dear parents of Nursery, L.Kg and U.Kg,

This is to help the parents and students to connect to the Google classroom.

Kindly follow the guidelines:

* Go to Play Store and download Google Classroom.
* Open Classroom App
* In the lower - right hand side corner, tap Join class +
* Enter the class code given below, then click on Join

* With the help of the class code given below, you will be connected to the classroom.

* By clicking in the stream which is shown at the bottom of the page, you will be able to see whatever the teachers send in the classroom.
* When the teachers will send the link for the live classes, you have to click on that link to join the live class and wait for the teacher to allow you to enter the class.
* Once you enter the live class, after the class, the teachers will ask you to exit, you have to click on the leave button to exit the live class.
* Please join the class with the child's name.
* Please ensure that your classroom is always refreshed and updated.

* You can join the classroom by the following codes:

Nursery A - 7r2xwgu
Nursery B - sqkz7fs
Nursery C - vc2732g
Nursery D - xmmlw3h
Nursery E - xuuczpm

L.Kg. A - ki366mh
L.Kg. B - zt4ud2n
L.Kg. C - ere63rz
L.Kg. D - jib2nca
L.Kg. E - b4z64s6

U.Kg. A - pjnp7s2
U.Kg. B - mvdh3ld
U.Kg. C - tbkxjne
U.Kg. D - qfkvdsv
U.Kg. E - d7ee2uj

Kindly join the classroom using only one device.

The parents who are already in the classroom, kindly ignore this message.

Thank you

Church School