Prerequisite for admission at Nursery Classes, dated 19th January 2022

Dear Parents,


Please read the following guidelines carefully and prepare accordingly for smooth admission at Church school, if your ward is given admission as per the prescribed system.

Admission is possible only to those applicants- who have already registered with the Church school online system and those names are published in the 1st list for admission.  

§ Admission date for 1st list is scheduled to be 24th and 25th of January 2022. 


§ Admission for the 2nd list students is scheduled to be on 27th and 28th of January, 2022.

   Note: The admission can be given, only when vacancies arise out of the 1st list.

3.           Documents required by the parents to bring to school for admission on the given dates :

a. 2 copies ( print outs) of registration document as generated by the online system of Church school- during the time of your registration

b. Original Birth day certificate of the child issued by JNAC ( for verification) and a photocopy of the Birth certificate.

c. Copy of Aadhar card of the Child (if available) - else can be submitted later. (Within 15 days).

d. 3 Passport size photos of the child

e. One B2 Size photo   ( child in between father and mother)

f. For admission, either father or mother must come to school along with the prescribed documents.

g. Caste certificate to be produced if applicable.

h. All valid original documents to be produced for verification , failing which admission can be denied or cancelled.

i. After verification of documents by the given desk, parents will take these documents (with the initial of the desk team/Principal) to the cash office for the payment of fee.

4.           TIME for admission on the given day:

§ The admission process will start at 9.00 AM at Church School premises and will continue till 4.00PM with a lunch break of 30 minutes from 1.00 pm - 01. 30 pm.

§ Entry will be through GATE-II and exit will be from GATE- I.

5.           Finances :        

§ Admission Fee: RS. 6500 ( One time)

§ Tuition Fee: RS. 6660 (quarterly), to be paid during admission.  

§ Amount can be paid through debit or credit card only. No CASH

§ Total amount; RS. 13,160 to be paid at the time of admission.

§ Once the fee is paid, it cannot be refunded -if admission is withdrawn.

* Please note: Other fee such as annual fee, maintenance fee, special class fee, sports fee, smart class fee, exam fee, etc  are not charged due to pandemic; the detail will be available for payment once the school will be functional regularly. 

*  Please  check our school website regularly for latest updates.