Attention: All the students of Std. VI -XII ( Re-opening of school after Puja Holiday ( notice dated 08/10/2021)

Dear students and Parents,

 Attention: All the students of Std. VI -XII

 The offline classes will resume from 21st October, 2021 for classes VI to VIII in addition to the higher classes; with the written consent of respective parents.

 Please note the following points..

 ·         The reporting time is 7:50 a.m and the dismissal time is 12:00 noon.

 ·         Attendance will be taken on all the days; students are  encouraged to come to school.

 ·         Students are supposed to enter the school premises by 7:50 a.m. The school gates will close at 7:50 a.m.

 ·         Assembly will be conducted at 8 a.m.

 ·         The first period will start from 8:10 a.m.

 ·         There will be six classes in a day of 35 minutes each.

 ·         There will be a break of 15 minutes after the fourth period but the students will have to be in their own classes/ corridor during the break.

 ·         Unnecessary movements should be avoided.

 ·         Covid protocols must be followed strictly, i. e., using mask, and sanitizer, maintaining physical distance at all times.

 ·         The students are supposed to submit a copy of both the consent forms that are attached with this link and submit to their class teachers. (One that is from the government's side and the other from the school's side).

 ·         Class teachers will bifurcate the class into two groups, group A and group B according to roll numbers; and send the detail in the respective classes’ groups before re-opening of school.

 ·         Group A will have school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

 ·         Group B will have school on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

 ·         If a student is not in uniform, he/she needs to bring an application duly signed by the parent and one week's time will be given to the students to get themselves  a proper school  uniform.

 ·         The students must carry their books as per their class schedule which will be given to

 them by their class teachers.

 ·         Please feed your children with a hearty breakfast as no student will be allowed to bring tiffin to follow covid protocols.

 ·         The students should bring their own water bottles but should not share it with anyone.

 ·         The students should wear their masks at all times and should not share with anyone.

 ·         Make most of the time for the benefit of your academics and your future.

 ·         We are striving to make the school safe, secure and student friendly. We need your support and cooperation.

 Thank you


Church School, Beldih