Instructions regarding the creation of E-mail ID (for new students)

1. On your android, open Gmail app.
2. On the top you can see your profile picture, click on it.
3. A pop up window will arrive on screen.
4. Click on add another account.
5. Setup email page arises, select Google on it.
6. Password page might arrive asking your phone password.
7. Sign-in page opens up, on the bottom create account button can be seen, click on it.
8. Two option arises, use for myself.
9. Another screen arises to enter name of the student first name and last name
10. Click on next.
11. Basic information page arises, enter date of birth i.e. date and month of child and place year as 2000 (for avoiding parental control).
12. Enter gender of the child.
13. Click on next.
14. Choose your Gmail address page arrives. Click on create your Gmail address.
15. A text box arrives.
16. Type

17. Click on next.
18. Create password page arrives, type a password and click next. (Note: keep your password safely for further use)
19. Add phone number page arrives, click Yes, I am in.
20. Review your account info page arrives, click next.
21. Privacy and terms page arrives, click I agree.
22. New account is created.
23. Click on logo again and select the newly created email Id.
24. When request is sent by teacher open the mail and click on join

NOTE: - Download google classroom and update. Update your Gmail app (if not updated).
After creating your ward’s E-mail ID kindly submit the ID at the school gate. Your ward will be added to the classroom within 2 or 3 days. The E-mail ID should be created as per the format given by the school only.