Notice 14-08-2020

Dear Parents: This notice is being sent by all the unaided private schools of Jamshedpur. We are experiencing severe financial crunch for the past few months due to State govt.'s order to charge only tuition fees during the months of lockdown of schools. Thus parents have received a big relief.
Unfortunately many parents are not paying even the tuition fees. From April, 2020, private schools had to dip into their savings to continue paying teachers’ salary and meet other essential expenditures like utility bills for power water etc.
On the other hand, our teachers are putting in great efforts to keep the on line classes continued for the benefit of the children.
Please consider this as a cautionary reminder to the parents to clear the outstanding tuition fees urgently, otherwise they will face a huge outstanding once classes resume and relief granted presently will no longer be applicable. Normal internal rules of late fee, penalty etc. will then be applicable. We seek your co-operation in regard.
Kindly ignore this notice if your payment is up-to-date.

Principal and management of the school.